Arc’teryx launches ReBird as a customer-facing hub for sustainability.

Jun 15, 2021 / By pb+j


When your entire brand hinges on your customers’ love for the great outdoors, you take your environmental action seriously.

Arc’teryx has been green from the get-go, with ongoing sustainability initiatives in play across a wide range of fields. In 2019, they invited customers into their net-zero mission with the launch of Arc’teryx Used Gear. In 2021, they’re at it again with ReBird.

ReBird will act as a centralized Arc’teryx hub for all things circular. As a part of the platform’s debut, they’ve dropped their first-ever upcycled products made from post-consumer materials, turning yesterday’s unwanted junk into today’s hardest-working outdoor gear.

As Earth lovers, we applaud ReBird and the impact it will have. As brand builders, we swoon at how beautifully they’ve woven their values into their customer journey.

But then, they’ve always been great at craftsmanship.

You can have a look at ReBird right here.

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