INSPIRING US: Cloud Paper is on a mission to end the deforestation caused by traditional paper products.

Jan 20, 2022 / By pb+j


Brace yourself: Toilet paper and paper towels contribute to 20% of global deforestation. This equals 40,000 trees cut down per day. WHAT??

Cloud Paper is working to change that.

Their tree-free toilet paper and paper towels are made with 100% ultra-soft bamboo. It grows fast, it’s ultra-soft and absorbent, and it comes wrapped in packaging that’s totally plastic-free, recyclable and compostable.

Choose a subscription that’s perfectly sized for your household, and Cloud Paper will deliver feel-good paper products directly to your door before you ever run out—at no extra charge, of course.

See, the trouble with personal paper is that it adds up fast. A little bit here and there every day, and suddenly it’s a pretty big problem. Humankind currently cuts down an acre of forest every single second. Millions of species are at risk. Small changes can make a massive difference over time. 

So take a look at tree-free TP and paper towels. And do something nice for the planet… regularly.



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