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Feb 6, 2022 / By pb+j elevates branded packaging from functional to instagrammable.


Our Head of Design, Julio Liu Wong, has created a beautiful new bundle of joy. We’ll pass the reins over to Julio to explain…

Brand Your is a modern food packaging manufacturer that offers fully branded and sustainable packaging solutions for restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitality. They are foodies, coffee-lovers, and takeaway fans who love to partner with passionate people and bring their creative vision to life.

The brand was born out of the founders’ mission to make branded food packaging a universally simpler and more enjoyable experience for all customers alike—disrupting a generally outdated industry. We raised Brand Your’s presence from startup to established through deep brand research and strategy. We also developed their e-commerce website, helping Brand Your to become the front-of-mind choice for food packaging needs in the industry.

The Concept

The uncomplicated approach reflects the intent of making branded packaging a simple, enjoyable experience. It conveys confidence and understanding through friendly visuals such as the versatile colour palette, clean compositions, and spirited iconography.

The Logo

Playful moments and attention to detail are present in the custom ligature of the logotype and the accompanying logomark. The latter is a coffee lid viewed from the top, a happy nod to the brand’s origins and one of their most popular products.


The colour system helps to distinguish Brand Your in the competitive landscape. Christalle Purple and Tangerine Yellow are the primary colours. These two are supported by a complementary palette of lively soft colours, making for a flexible system that provides versatility in execution while keeping a consistent voice.

Playful Shapes

Playful abstract shapes represent the wide range of products Brand Your offers. With the implementation of abstract shapes, we go beyond category recognition to create more visual tones on-brand.


The online store is a simple, convenient e-commerce experience built around modern best practices and a careful understanding of the customers' needs. Brand photography, unique icons, typography, and colour come together to form a seamless digital extension of the new branding.


“pb+j’s work is outstanding; we’re already seeing a major uplift because of it, and the results have been impeccable. They’ve transformed our brand into something that’s well-defined and people can understand.”

—Brand Your

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