Let's Meet a Jammer (The Dubinia Edition)

Jul 25, 2022 / By pb+j



Dubinia (doo-bin-yah) is our highly-caffeinated Project Manager and Sustainable Business Strategist. She values honest feedback, open communication, and her noise-cancelling headphones. (Ha!) Dubinia’s superpower is insatiable curiosity. She believes that all of us can do a little better for each other and the planet, and she puts in the work to figure out how. Entrepreneurs with impact love working with Dubinia, and the feeling is mutual. If you want your eComm experience to make (a) money and (b) the world a better place, she’s your gal. 


Favourite Sandwich: “Toasted sourdough, chickpea salad, lettuce, vegan mayo, tomato… mmmm.”

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