Let’s Meet a Jammer! (The Katy Edition)

Mar 22, 2021 / By pb+j

Katy Ha

At the end of high school, Katy had to choose between Forensic Science and Graphic Design, and Canada’s criminals may never know how lucky they got. Katy overachieves as a habit. She’s the most passionate, the most detailed and the most humble, so she’s going to have a tough time with this paragraph. At the heart of her long list of strengths… is heart. Katy is an artsy empath with a forensic-level knack for understanding people and navigating very complex project considerations. But to her proud Chinese parents, she’ll always be an academic super nerd.


“I sort of just… woke up like this.” - Katy


Jammer Bio Katy _ MAR 15, 2021


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