What sets pb+j apart?

Jul 27, 2020 / By pb+j

Co-Founder Tom Collver on what sets pb+j apart

“Don't be afraid to make mistakes if they help move the direction of your company forward—the best learning we've done has been through our mistakes.” — Tom Collver, Co-Founder, pb+j

In 2013, pb+j’s Tom Collver and his co-founder, Kyle Dutka, decided to reimagine what an e-commerce firm can do. 

“We started pb+j to help visionary CEO’s and marketing leaders of mid-market, product-focused brands stop talking about the future, but start creating it,” Collver says. “We want to provoke transformative action and unleash the hunger for growth that these brands have for doing what it takes to see their vision become a vivid reality.”

Now, pb+j is a leader in e-commerce. “We help to pinpoint blind spots and opportunities, create mouth-watering digital implementations, and accelerate success and massive results through digital strategy, website design, UX/UI design, website development, e-commerce design and development, conversion optimization, and brand identity.”

Our expertise goes beyond just technical skills. “Another area in which we excel truly is building and keeping long-term relationships with our patrons.” You don’t just have to take our word for that, either.

On platforms like Clutch and Design Rush, we gather feedback from our clients. With 29 reviews and counting, we’ve earned a near-perfect 4.8/5 star rating.

We are a Top 3 eCommerce Agency in Canada on Clutch and a Top 30 eCommerce Agency and B2B Website Design Agency for eComm brands on Design Rush.

Our customers have left rave reviews on these platforms — our most recent one highlights the web redesign we were able to do for a custom packaging company in the UK.

I’m normally critical of the vendors I work with, but I’ve had such a good process with pb+j. I can’t think of anything that they can improve.” — Co-Founder, Brand Your

We couldn’t be more proud of that feedback, or of the hard work that allowed us to earn it. We’re also proud that our glowing reviews on Clutch have earned us a top spot on their sister site, The Manifest. Our clients use it to look through top agencies, browse industry leaders, and find the right partner for their projects. 

For business owners looking to achieve similar success, the leaders of pb+j have some parting words. Apart from giving yourself permission to fail, they recommend “maintaining a relentless focus on what you do best and positioning everything on that niche, being kind to yourself, and using your genius to serve others and make the world a better place every day.”

If you can do all that, “it comes back around in better ways than you could imagine.” 

Thanks for sticking around to get some insight on what makes pb+j awesome! If you have an e-commerce need — or if this post piqued your interest at all — reach out to us today. We’d love to connect!

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pb+j helps brave digital brands into enduring classics. Our area of expertise is working with premium, high-touch e-commerce brands at a critical point of growth or reinvention that need to transform their online brand and website performance (with a special knack for repositioning and retooling B2B businesses to dominate in their transition to D2C). We help to pinpoint blind spots and opportunities, create mouth-watering digital implementations, and accelerate success and massive results (and we've done it for more than 400+ clients).

We are prolific Shopify and Shopify Plus Experts and the world's leading Squarespace Specialist, not to mention, we have deep experience in Digital Strategy, Website Design, Website Development, UX / UI Design, E-commerce Design and Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, Brand Identity, and Pun Mastery!


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