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Mar 30, 2021 / By pb+j

Seven Nosy Questions with Courtney Buhler (Founder and CEO of Sugarlash PRO)

We imagine Courtney Buhler greeting each day with a flutter of perfect jet-black lashes and a hearty breakfast of raw confidence. But maybe we’re wrong. To find out what drives this beauty queen to achieve world lash domination, we asked her a few things about a few things. And then, because we were riveted, we asked her a few more things.

1. What's your origin story?

I started in the lash world at 18 years old! It was a brand new service to the beauty industry and one that wasn’t existent prior. I went to my first appointment and got instantly obsessed. I wanted to know everything — how she was applying them, what the options of curls and thicknesses were available, what types of glue were used, how she isolated the lashes... She eventually got fed up with me and handed me tweezers at the end of one of my appointments. She pulled out a mannequin head and I spent an hour working on it. 

I loved it. I signed up for a course, and I began my career as a lash artist. From there I grew my home based business into a salon, and then I decided to get into training and product development and create Sugarlash PRO. Seven years later and we are in 90+ countries and supporting over 150,000 artists! 

2. What does your daily routine look likeand how much sleep do you get?

I have no routine. Haha! Never have and never will. Routine shuts my brain down and my creativity gets stalled. It hasn’t always been easy, because I’ve had staff who have tried to make me feel like I NEEDED to have routine and be more steady. But my best ideas and plans come when I’m in a somewhat unstructured state. 

Most days I have marketing meetings, product development meetings, and then I do lots of special projects. I’m the creative director for all areas, so I oversee all the visuals for the brand such as website, campaign shoots and concepts, and more. 

3. Best advice you've ever been given.

You can’t change yourself, so find a team that values you as you are. It took 10 years, but the team I have now values my strengths and supports and strengthens my weaknesses. There is a ton I can do and have learned to do... but there is also a lot to be said for playing to your strengths and letting others have their own lanes to shine in. 

4. What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

I’m motivated by everything! Competitors, fashion brands, amazing customer service, fashion shows, photography, great packaging. I’m so plugged into the fashion and beauty world—as well as the hospitality world and other very “bougie” industries. 

I think we pick up little things along the way as we do life. Anytime I feel like “wow, that’s cool”, I’m also thinking “how can I apply this to my business?”

5. How do you celebrate a really big win?

Oysters and champagne. That’s the tradition. Our exec team loves them. We don’t do it that often, but you know if there are oysters and bubbles we have done an AMAZING job. Pass the horseradish.

6. What three other people are on your dream Zoom call?

Gordon Ramsay, Gary Vaynerchuck—because they are both fierce and honest forward thinkers. The three of us also have the same Meyers Briggs personality type. 

Then Justin Timberlake or Jimmy Fallon. Just because I love to laugh, and deep down I know we would all be best friends if we met ;) 

7. In another life, you’d be a… 

Midwife! I am so passionate about empowering women and having my own babies (three of them). I truly don’t think there is a moment in life when a woman is more powerful than when she is bringing a life into the world. Helping women realize their power is truly what drives me at my core. Whether it’s business and supporting our lash artists, or helping a woman being a mama warrior, it would all make me so happy.


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