We’re taking August off, and we’re comin’ back fresh.

Jun 17, 2021 / By pb+j

👉Need mission-critical support July 31–Sept 7? Something critical broken? support@addpbj.com

It's been a bit of a 15 months, hasn't it? That's looked different for everyone, but at the very least it's been... a lot.  

It's been no different for the amazing humans that are the real secret sauce of pb+j. There's no textbook on recharging high-performing-creative-geniuses after 15 crazy months, so we've decided to take a proactive stab at writing our own. 

The next chapter? Take August off to recharge and recalibrateas an entire team.

We want to recharge every Jammer, get ahead of burnout, and continue to invest bravely in creating a company where everyone has the fuel and tools to be their best selves and do their best work. We want to accelerate the amazing momentum this team has created in the past year+ in making a future of commerce that is more joyful and more human-centered. And if we want to see a more human-centered future of commerce, we need to start with the humans right here in the Zoom room.

Of course, we couldn't do any of what we do without you, our amazing patrons, so rest easy. We've got a plan for July 31 to Sept 7. We will not be working on patron projects over these five weeks. However, if you have an active project or retainer you'll hear from your Producer within the next week of how we plan to approach your project leading up to August. (As much as we can, we'll be launching earlier, not later.) 

If you've got an upcoming project, stay tuned next week as well. We're still starting some projects before August. Support while we're off? Got you covered. We've assembled an amazing contractor support pod who we know and trust, and who will be here to help with any mission-critical requests during the break.

You're in great hands over the coming weeks with your project team, but if you do have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Importantly, if we can help you recharge and recalibrate in any way this August, let us know. "We're all in this together" is not just a great song or a timely hashtag. It's something we really mean. (And we've got more book recos and recharging ideas than we know what to do with, so don't be a stranger.)

Thank you so much for your patronage. We're more excited than ever to return full of even more brilliance and to continue to kick-a$$ and take names—together—over the coming 15 months. 

– Kyle + Tom

Co-Founders, pb+j