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Our eKomm Kidz Review

Jul 29, 2021 12:15:00 PM / by pb+j posted in eKomm Kidz

“Well, you see kids, when you grow up you might want to glue tiny wigs to each of your eyelids to feel more confident.”

Our eKomm Kidz Review

May 21, 2021 9:21:35 AM / by pb+j posted in eKomm Kidz

“I just love boring white walls!” said no kid ever. Psychedelic wallpaper should be an easy sell to our team of eKomm Kidz... right?

Astek asked us to overhaul their e-commerce for a more smooth and deliberate user journey. They’re thrilled with their new site, but let’s find out what our tiny testers have to say about it.

Our eKomm Kidz Review

Apr 12, 2021 9:28:25 AM / by pb+j posted in eKomm Kidz

At pb+j, we work hard to make sure your website is intuitive to navigate and magnetic to a wide-reaching audience. So when we’re done, do we outsource our reviews to technical experts? Don’t be silly.